Customize Style-2

Style-2, Custom HTML


default code added to the button looks like how the button is configured on the theme.

Style-2 Custom HTML

Style-2, plugin setting page – “customize styles”

Custom HTML

Custom HTML block – add your own style.


.whatsapp-chat {
color: orange;

<button class="whatsapp-chat">WhatsApp Chat</button>

We are planning to add many samples to make easy to add.

To add CSS styles can add inline or use the block ‘style’ tag.

/* CSS code here */

To add JavaScript within the block add within ‘script’ tag.

/* JavaScript code here */


Can add inline SVG image code in this block.

Extra style-blocks

Style-4 is also similar to style-2

Sometimes we may need to show different Custom HTML blocks on different devices ( Mobile, Desktop ). or different style on WooCommerce single product page, or while using shortcodes.

Custom HTML – Generators / Tools

In the Web, there are so many tools available to generate HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

To Get some Samples


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