Position To Place

Position to place the Floating Style

  • On the screen, we can place the floating style at any point.

  • Floating styles are fixed to screen, even if page scrolls the floating style position won’t change.

  • There are four ways to select the position:
                       bottom right
                       bottom left
                       top left
                       top right

  • It’s easy to select the position from the nearest corner of any side.

  • Position value, can support any CSS units.

E.g: 10px 10px

2% 2%

1em 1em

E.g:  To change the position of the style at the middle bottom of the screen
Select bottom-right (or bottom – left ) and while filling the value

Position_bottom: 4%   ( i.e. from the bottom 4% above)   

Position_right: 50%     ( i.e. from the right side 50% to left )

Since Version 1.4 ( Expected releases in August 2018 ) 

We added feature – “Position to Place” based on Desktop, Mobile Device

This feature works based on “screen width”, instead of detecting device using “HTTP User Agent”

max screen width for mobile