By default WooCommerce options is not enabled. to enable, at plugin settings – check “Enable WooCommerce Options ” Add styles on WooCommerce single product page, at different positions. A separate Pre-filled text for WooCommerce single product page Select different styles based on device. WooCommerce Positions WooCommerce Pre-filled text  

WooCommerce Position

WooCommerce position is different then the floating position. Place the style in WooCommerce Single product page. The positions are depends on theme and style. plugins adds position based on WooCommerce hooks, and Website theme have to implement the hooks in right way, some style’s may not suite well in all the positions, “After the Add …

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Woocommerce Pre-Filled Text

WooCommerce “Initial Text” –  pre-filled text for WooCommerce Single product page. If this field is black ( empty ), then the default initial text will load, i.e. the text added in plugin main settings page.   Placeholders {{url}}  –  return URL of the current page {{product}}  –  returns product name

Enable WooCommerce

By default WooCommerce options is not enabled To Enable WooCommerce Options, check / tick the “Enable WooCommerce Options” If checked  – Then the WooCommerce Setting page will be loaded.