Translate “Click to Chat” settings using WPML plugin

WPML is multilingual plugin used for translating pages, posts, plugin, themes. 

Along with WPML, need to install “WPML String Translation” for string translation. 

We can translate Click to Chat setting for each language: 

  • WhatsApp Number (while translate add WhatsApp number with country code) 
  • prefilled 
  • call to action 
  • group ID 

To translate Click to chat settings like WhatsApp number, Pre-filled message, Call to Action: Go to String Translation 

Select “Click to Chat For WhatsApp” from  “In domain”

To translator click on + symbol

If String Translation “Click to Chat for WhatsApp” is not found, save/update click to chat plugin settings and refresh string translation page. 

Plugin Settings i.e., the User Input: – ‘Click to chat for WhatsApp’ (e.g., WhatsApp number, Call to Action, Prefilled,) 
Admin side strings – text domain: ‘click-to-chat-for-WhatsApp’