New feature: since v3.9

Greetings eases the process of customer interaction. This feature serves multi-purposes like showcasing a concise message with the WhatsApp button, which briefs its purpose to a website visitor.
Currently ‘Click to Chat’ plugin has 2 greetings templates and ‘Click to Chat PRO’ adds Greetings Form template.

Greetings settings are available at Click to Chat —> Greetings.

Greetings-1 – Customizable Design: This feature is fully customizable. A plugin user has the control to customize all of its fields including the WhatsApp Call to Action button. Greetings 1 comes with a message box and a WhatsApp button. This helps in enhancing the customer’s understandability of the website and its products.

Greetings-1 – Customizable Design

Greetings-2 – Content Specific: So as the name, this greetings dialog focuses more on the content. To represent the bulk amount of information, Greetings 2 content specific is used.

Greetings-2 – Content Specific

Greeting PRO Features ( form, actions )

Since v1.5

Greetings Dialog – Form: [PRO] This feature is available in the Click to Chat PRO version. With this feature, we can collect the necessary user data through form fields. Further, the collected data is sent to email and webhook addresses present in Greetings form.

Greetings Dialog- Form

Actions (PRO Feature): ‘Actions’ is the PRO feature available in all the Greeting dialogs. ‘Actions’ don’t come with the free version of Click to Chat.

Time Action: Greetings dialog appears on the web pages after completion of the specified time in time action. The value of time action is the time in seconds.

Scroll Action: The greetings dialog appears after scrolling down the webpage to the value given in scroll action.