WooCommerce Single Product Pages

We can change the Prefilled message, Call to Action, and styles for WooCommerce single product pages. We can also add WhatsApp at selected positions like ‘After add to Cart’ button.

Navigate to Click to Chat -> WooCommerce ->WooCommerce – Single Product Pages.

‘Click to Chat’ → ‘WooCommerce’ settings page will display only if the WooCommerce plugin is activated.

Overwrite Settings for WooCommerce Pages

Pre-Filled Message

We can add a separate Pre-Filled text for WooCommerce Single product pages in this section. The pre-filled message is a welcome text, which makes it easier for the web page visitor to start the conversation. It has several variables like the following.

  • {product} : Name of the product.
  • {price} : Current price of the product.
  • {regular_price}  : Price without any discount.
  • {sku} : Stock left.
  • {site} : Name of the website.
  • {url} : The current page link.
  • {title} : The current page title.

For example,

Call To Action

Add a separate Call-To-Action for the WooCommerce single product pages. Call-To-Action is a text that appears along with the WhatsApp Icon/Button. Using the Variables like {product}, {price}, {regular_price}, {sku} will replace details of the products at which the customers are looking at. The Call-To-Action value can be changed at the Page-level settings.

For example,

These settings are specific to single product pages, and will not apply for loop posts like shop, category, or archive posts.

Greetings (PRO)

In the PRO version, we can override greetings content – header, main, bottom content, and call to action to all the wooCommerce single product pages.

On a single product page, we can summarize the product details and make it easy for a customer to place an order.

Add WhatsApp

Add WhatsApp In WooCommerce Single Product Pages