WooCommerce Single Product Pages

We can change Call to Action, Prefilled message for WooCommerce single product pages. 

Pre-Filled Message for WooCommerce 

We can add the separate Pre-Filled text for WooCommerce Single product pages in this section.  The pre-filled message is a welcome text, which makes it easier for the web page visitor to start the conversation. It has several variables like the following.

  • {product}  : Name of the product.
  • {price}  : Current price of the product.
  • {regular_price} : Price without any discount.
  • {sku}  : Stock left.
  • {site}  : Name of the website.
  • {url} : The current page link. 
  • {title}  : The current page title. 

For example, 

Call To Action for WooCommerce 

Add a separate Call-To-Action for the WooCommerce single product pages. 

Call-To-Action is a text that appears along with the WhatsApp Icon/Button. 

Using the Variables like’{product}’, ‘{price}’, ‘{regular_price}’, ‘{sku} ‘will replace details of the products at which the customers are looking at. 

The Call-To-Action value can be changed at the Page-level or at the product settings page. 

For example, 

These settings are specific to single product pages, will not apply for loop posts like shop, category, archive posts.