PRO Version – Multi Agent

We can create Multiple Agents with different time ranges for every Agent.


Navigate to Click to Chat—>Greetings

select ‘Multi Agent‘.

To add an agent, click Add Agent button and enter the agent details.

WhatsApp Number:

This number is assigned to the agent and is displayed at the front end of the website. We can either select the country code from this library or we can enter the country code starting with ‘+’ in the text box.


This field refers to the Title that is displayed in the first line at the front end.


The Text entered at Description appears in the second line at the front end design.

Pre-filled Message:

The Pre-filled Message appears on the chat link page when clicked on the respective agent. If no pre-filled message is entered, the plugin displays the Main pre-filled message entered at the Click to Chat settings.

Agent Image:

To add an image to the agent, click on Agent image and select the image. If no image is selected, the plugin displays the default WhatsApp icon.

To remove the selected image, click on Remove Image.

Agent Timings:

Enhance customer interaction by assigning specific time ranges to all the agents.

24×7 online

We can make an agent available 24×7 online by selecting 24×7 online.

Set timings

we can schedule multiple time ranges for each agent using set timings.

click/select any day and leave it to make that day 24 hours online or select Add Time to set multiple timings for a single day.

Timings work based on your website Time zone (settings–>General– Timezone)

Here, the Time range for Monday is set from 9 AM to 1 PM, i.e. 1:01 PM to 2:29 PM is displayed as offline hours

the rest of the time from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM is online again. Past 5:00 PM it is offline again.

Reference Name:

This field is used internally to identify the agent’s reference. For example, department name, agent shift, etc. The reference name and Title name appear in the collapsed header.

Here, Sales is the Reference Name

At Admin settings, Title and Reference names appear at Collapsed Header

Offline Agents:

Select how agents should appear during offline hours from the below list.

Chat when offline: Although agents appear as offline with the next available time duration in the front end, users still can chat with the agent during offline hours too.

Disable Chat: Agents appear with the next available time duration but, users can’t click on the agent to chat with them when offline.

Hide: Hides the agent when offline. An agent is no longer displayed in the front end until online hours.

Initial Display:

Select ’Agents’ to display Agents in the front end or choose ’Greetings Content’ to initially display the Greetings Template, and when clicked on WhatsApp at Greetings Template, it opens Multiple Agents.

Enable/disable agent:

To disable an agent temporarily instead of completely deleting the Agent, we can uncheck Enable Agent. When an agent is not enabled, the Agent won’t appear at the front end.

Remove Agent:

To remove/delete an agent completely, click on the close button and save changes. The Agent’s data is no longer displayed.