Greetings – Page level settings

PRO Feature

To use different greetings templates for each page/post, enable page-level Greetings settings and update the post, and refresh the page.

Edit any post —> Settings —> Click to Chat —> Greetings settings —> Enable page-level Greetings settings

After enabling, update the post and refresh the page.

After enabling Greetings settings, the Greetings template and text editors appear.

Greetings Template:

Default: “Default” specifies, the greetings selected at Click to Chat —> Greetings. i.e. the current page has the same greetings template that is chosen at Click to Chat —> Greetings.

No Greetings Dialog: No greetings template will be allotted to this page. WhatsApp button along with the Call to Action appears in the post.

If any settings are left blank, the plugin will get values from the ‘click to chat’ settings.

Greetings – Header Content: This text editor is used to modify the content that appears at the Greetings Header.

Greetings – Main Content: To modify the text present in the Greetings body, use Main Content.

Greetings – Bottom Content: This text editor is used to modify the content present at the bottom of the Greetings template.

Visual Text Editor Issues:

In all the text editors, we can modify the content either visually or using HTML code. Click “Text” to add content using HTML code.

Click Toolbar Toggle for more text editor widgets.

Since there is an issue with the “Visual” text editor, using “Text” is recommended.

While editing the post, switching from block type to post type, the text in the Visual editor does not appear. But, the data is not lost. The data can be seen in the tab “Text”.

we can update and refresh the post to view the data again, and we can finish editing without moving to another block.