Translate “Click to Chat” settings using POLYLANG plugin

POLYLANG is a multilingual plugin used for translating pages, posts, plugins, themes. 

We can translate Click to Chat setting for each language: 

  • WhatsApp Number (while translate add WhatsApp number with country code) 
  • prefilled 
  • call to action 
  • group ID 

To translate Click to chat settings like WhatsApp number, Pre-filled message, Call to Action: Go to String Translations 

If String Translation “Click to Chat for WhatsApp” is not found, save/update click to chat plugin settings and refresh string translation page. 

Select “Click to Chat For WhatsApp”


Plugin Settings i.e., the User Input: – ‘Click to chat for WhatsApp’ (e.g., WhatsApp number, Call to Action, Prefilled,) 
Admin side strings – text domain: ‘click-to-chat-for-WhatsApp’