Change values at Page Level

Page-level settings will overwrite the plugin’s default settings.

While editing the post, Page Level Settings will be displayed at the right sidebar.

Settings icon -> post -> Click to Chat (Meta Boxes). 

By default, the plugin gets the data from global settings (At WordPress Dashboard -> Click to Chat) 

At the page level, we can overwrite these settings  


  • WhatsApp Number
  • Call to Action
  • Prefilled message
  • display settings
Page-level Settings

E.g. If WhatsApp number is changed at page level settings for a post, instead of taking value from global settings, the plugin takes the page level WhatsApp number and returns for that post.

Click to Chat PRO

Styles: In pro, we can change styles, set time delay, and scroll delay at a page level. Different styles can be applied to different web pages of a website.
E.g. style 4 is applied to the shop page, style 2 is applied to the cart page and style 99 is applied to the checkout page of a website.

Time Delay: The value of time delay, is the number of seconds after which WhatsApp appears on the web page. For example, if Time Delay is ‘5’ for the shop page, which means after opening the shop page, WhatsApp appears after 5 seconds of time.

Scroll Delay: The value of scroll delay, is the percentage value of a website’s scrollbar. WhatsApp appears after scrolling the webpage to that percentage value. For e.g, if Scroll Delay is ’50’ for a shop page, which means in shop page after scrolling down to 50% i.e, scrolling down to halfway in shop page, WhatsApp appears.

Greetings: (PRO)

we can use different greetings templates for each post/page. Enable page-level Greetings settings. After enabling the Greetings settings, update the post and refresh the page to load greeting text editors.

Greetings Page-level settings