Google Ads Conversion for Click to Chat plugin

When the user clicks on WhatsApp Icon/Button, the plugin calls gtag_report_conversion function i.e. the Google Ads Conversion function.

Enable Google Ads Conversion

Check “Google Ads Conversation” from plugin settings ( Click to Chat -> other settings – Analytics )

Note: Please set up Google ads, Conversation code. Plugin won’t install Google Ads, It just calls ‘gtag_report_conversion’ When the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon/button

This feature is available Since Version 3.2.8 ( beta feature. We are planning to improve this feature.

please contact us for suggestions, improvements


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5 thoughts on “Google Ads Conversion for Click to Chat plugin”

  1. Hello, this feature is so useful and can be better if possible to add a tag of google ads, like conversion Id and label of conversion.

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