If Google Analytics is installed on your site, when the user clicks on the CLICK TO CHAT icon/style it marks an event of the users with some predefined values. However, please mind that the plugin won’t install Google Analytics on its own.

Events are marked as following:

Category: CLICK TO CHAT for WhatsApp
Action: Return Type: Chat/Group/Share
Label: {{post-title}}, {{URL}}

  • ID: {WhatsApp-Number/Group_id/Share_text}
  • Title: {post_title}
  • URL: {post url}

We can view the events at the Google Analytics Dashboard.

To view the real-time events “Real-Time” -> “Event”.

To view the events “BEHAVIOUR” -> “Events” -> “Overview”.

We can also use Google Tag Manager to create an event with the custom values.

All styles have a class name: ctc-analytics

based on this class name we can create a click event using Google Tag Manager.