Click to Chat have special settings for WooCommerce pages.

Overwrite Settings for WooCommerce Single Product Pages

We can change the Call to Action, and Prefilled message for Single product pages. Dynamic variables like {product}, {price}, .. are available. Greetings Call to Action, Greetings Header content, Main content, and Bottom content can also be overwritten.

WooCommerce single product pages

Add WhatsApp on Single Product pages

We can add WhatsApp at various locations like After product summary, After cart button, and Before Main content. We can select the WhatsApp button style, button layout, Display center, Display Block type, and Spacing.

Add WhatsApp on WooCommerce Single Product pages

Shop, Cart, Checkout pages

WooCoomerce Shop, cart, and checkout are also post-type of pages. These pages are available at WordPress admin -> pages.

we can modify these page settings while editing the corresponding page at the right sidebar click to chat meta box.

page-level settings

Add WhatsApp to Shop Page

For the WooCommerce Shop page, we can change the pre-filled message, Call to Action, and Styles. WhatsApp can also be added to the products archive on the shop page.

WooCommerce Shop page