Pre-Filled Message

The Pre-Filled message is a text that appears automatically in the WhatsApp chat Window when the page visitor clicks on the WhatsApp button/Image. 

We can add multiple lines in the Pre-Filled Message.  

Pre-Filled Message

Along with the text, we can add variables like {URL}, {site} {title} 

  • {site} – Name of the website 
  • {title} – The current page title. 
  • {url} – The current page link. 
  • [url] – url in square brackets – replace with full url, including query parameters. 
Pre-filled message at WhatsApp chat window


Hello {site}!
Like to know more information about - '{title}' - {url}

This Pre-Filled text will place at WhatsApp chat window, variables will be replaced based on page where the user clicked on WhatsApp Icon/Button

Hello HoliThemes!
Like to know more information about - 'Ruby shades Necklace' -