Business Hours – Online/Offline

PRO Feature

Set the Business hours – Online / Offline Timings

Based on the Business Hours

  • Change Display settings (Hide When Offline)
  • Change WhatsApp Number when Offline
  • Change Call to Action when Offline

Set Business Hours

On the image:

Monday to Friday 08:00AM to 04:00PM online – and rest of all the time is offline
Saturday, Sunday is offline.

Now we can change WhatsApp Number, Call to Action or We can Hide WhatsApp icon/button When offline.

Hide When Offline

If ‘Hide WhatsApp When Offine’ is checked, WhatsApp button/Icon wont displays when offline.

Start Time and End Time leave blank for 24 hours display.

Here in the image – Monday to Friday 24 hours online, Saturday, Sunday 24 hours offline.