Connect Click to Chat with any automation tools using Webhooks. 

When a user clicks on the WhatsApp icon/Image, Webhook URL will be called. 

Create Webhook URL from integration tools (like Zapier, IFTTT, Pipedream) and add at Webhook URL plugin settings field.

Add values to the body of the Webhook URL

Automation, integration tools

Currently, as we know, Facebook Conversation API (server-side event) is available on Zappier, Integrately.


In the premium version, we can add Variables like

  • {url} – page URL on which the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon.
  • {time} – The time when a user clicks on the WhatsApp icon/button.
  • {number} – Number assigned to the WhatsApp button (i.e. Number added at the plugin settings). This variable is useful especially while using the Random number, Multi-Agent

E.g. Instead of adding values to the body of the webhook URL, we can add values within the URL (query)

Add values within URL – query parameters