Make the website users opt-in/accept consent before initiating the WhatsApp chat. Opt-in is used for all the Greetings templates. In all of the Greetings templates, we can use opt-in. 

Navigate to Click to Chat —> Greetings — Additional settings.

Select opt-in, and enter the text that users need to accept before initiating the WhatsApp chat in the opt-in text editor.

Customize the text according to your preference using widgets like bold, font, and linking an URL to the text. If opt-in is enabled, the users need to accept the option constraints before initiating the WhatsApp chat.

Opt-in appears when the user clicks on WhatsApp. After accepting the opt-in message, it navigates to the WhatsApp chat link page.

A user has to accept this opt-in only once. If opt-in is accepted on any page, it won’t display again on all the pages for that browser.

Opt-in for the Greetings Form

For the Greetings form, opt-in appears the same, as the input form field ‘checkbox’. Instead of adding opt-in, we can also use the form builder’s checkbox input field type.

To customize the data using HTML, use the ’Text’ tab.