Custom Element – Add Your Own Design

Create an Element/Design and add “ctc_chat” as class/Id name or add “#ctc_chat” as href/link attribute.  

It will navigate to WhatsApp based on plugin settings (WhatsApp Number, Pre-Filled message,). 

Class name:  ctc_chat 

To navigate WhatsApp Number, add class or id name “ctc_chat” to any Element/Design. 

How to add class name to any element from WordPress default Editor:  

Select the block – at right sidebar ‘Block’ -> ‘Advanced option’ section – ‘Additional CSS class(es)’ add “ctc_chat” Class name 

Add class name as “ctc_chat” 

Href attribute/Link:  #ctc_chat 

To navigate WhatsApp Number, add href(link) “#ctc_chat” to any Element/Design 

How to add href value to any element:

Step-1: Add an Element/Design  

   For example, add a button and enter the message  

Add button

Step-2: Add href/link attribute as “#ctc_chat” 

Select the block/content and click the link icon and add #ctc_chat 

Add href/link attribute as “#ctc_chat”

Update the post, now when the user clicks on any element that has ‘ctc_chat’ class name or ‘#ctc_chat’ href/link, the plugin navigates to WhatsApp based on plugin settings. 

Add WhatsApp in Menu:  

To Add WhatsApp at menu add href/URL as “#ctc_chat” to menu item. 

Select Custom Links menu item and add #ctc_chat at URL and add Link Text. 

WordPress Dashboard -> Appearances -> Menus -> Custom Links -> Add to Menu 

Custom Links

After Add to Menu Save the Menu  

Menu Structure
Menu Post

Now if user clicks on WhatsApp Menu, it will navigate to WhatsApp based on plugin settings. 

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