Custom Element – Add Your Own Design

Create an Element/Design and add “ctc_chat” as class/Id name or add “#ctc_chat” as href/link attribute.  

It will navigate to WhatsApp based on plugin settings (WhatsApp Number, Pre-Filled message,). 

Class Name: ctc_chat

To navigate WhatsApp Number, add class or id name “ctc_chat” to any Element/Design. 

How to Add Class name to any element from the WordPress Default Editor:

Select the block – at right sidebar ‘Block’ -> ‘Advanced option’ section – ‘Additional CSS class(es)’ add “ctc_chat” Class name 

Add class name as “ctc_chat” 

To navigate WhatsApp Number, add href(link) “#ctc_chat” to any Element/Design 

How to add href value to any element:

Step-1: Add an Element/Design  

   For example, add a button and enter the message  

Add button

Step-2: Add href/link attribute as “#ctc_chat” 

Select the block/content and click the link icon and add #ctc_chat 

Add href/link attribute as “#ctc_chat”

Update the post, now when the user clicks on any element that has ‘ctc_chat’ class name or ‘#ctc_chat’ href/link, the plugin navigates to WhatsApp based on plugin settings. 

Add WhatsApp to the Menu

To Add WhatsApp to the menu, add href/URL as “#ctc_chat” to the menu item. 

Select Custom Links menu item and add #ctc_chat at URL and add Link Text. 

WordPress Dashboard -> Appearances -> Menus -> Custom Links -> Add to Menu 

Custom Links

After Add to Menu, Save the Menu.

Menu Structure
Menu Post

If a user clicks on WhatsApp Menu, it will navigate to WhatsApp based on plugin settings. 

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