WhatsApp chat in WooCommerce Shop page

To add WhatsApp Icon/Button for every product present on the shop page and also to the related products on the product page.

Navigate to Click to Chat -> WooCommerceWooCommerce Shop Page – Check Products Archive, Shop Page

After enabling, the WhatsApp button appears on every shop page and related products list in single product pages.

WhatsApp in Shop Page:

WhatsApp with the Call to Action WhatsApp Order is seen on Shop page

Here, we used style 1, and the Call to Action value is WhatsApp Order. Recommended styles are 1, 8. We can customize styles, that match with your theme design. (Click to Chat -> Customize). 

Pre-filled Message:

Text that appears automatically in the WhatsApp chat Window when the page visitor clicks on the WhatsApp button.

Variables can be added to generate content dynamically:

  • {product} : Name of the product.
  • {price} : Current price of the product.
  • {regular_price} : Price without any discount.
  • {sku} : Stock left.
  • {site} : Name of the website.
  • {url} : The current page link. 
  • {title} : The current page title. 

WhatsApp at Related products in a single product page:

If this feature is enabled, WhatsApp also appears in the related products of single product pages. 

Spacing (Margin): This feature adjusts the position of WhatsApp.  E.g. we can add more space above the WhatsApp button.  

Change values of the top, bottom, left, and right. 

For Top 10% : 10% of screen space is allotted on the top side of the WhatsApp button.

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