Position To Place

Position to place feature positions your WhatsApp button/icon anywhere on the Screen.

Select the position from top/bottom, right/left, and adjust the pixels. You can also opt for percentages or any CSS unit as well.

By default, both the mobile and desktop devices have the same settings. To use different positions for the WhatsApp icon/button on mobile and desktop devices, uncheck the option “Mobile and Desktop same settings”.

Different settings for Mobile and Desktop devices

Position To Place for Desktop

Position to Place for Mobile

Same position for the WhatsApp icon on mobile and desktop devices: If “Mobile and Desktop same settings” option is selected, then same settings for WhatsApp on mobile and desktop devices are enabled.

Same settings for Mobile and Desktop devices are applied

Example: To place the WhatsApp icon at center of the screen

choose–> bottom: 10px, Right: 50%

PRO Version

In PRO we can either select a Fixed position or an Absolute Position.

Fixed: Fixed Position to screen, stays in the same place even during the page scrolls ( the default one )

Absolute: Fixed Position to the content (body tag), but moves with page scrolls ( only in pro )

Fixed Vs Absolute Position Types