Show/Hide Styles

We can either choose to display or hide the styles for the WhatsApp button/icon based on

  • Device type – The WhatsApp icon can be displayed for both Desktop and Mobile devices, only Mobile devices, and only Desktop devices.
  • Post type: We can show/hide all the posts, pages, custom post types, archive pages, and category pages.
  • Post id – We can show/hide specific posts by adding their corresponding post ids.
  • Category names – Web pages with Category names can be shown/hidden.
  • WooCommerce Pages – The WooCommerce Pages like Single product, shop, cart, checkout pages, etc can be shown/hidden.
  • Based on User Login Status(PRO) – We can choose to display the WhatsApp icon only for the Logged in Users, Logged-out users, and both.
  • Time Delay, Scroll (PRO)– Based on the given time(in seconds) and scroll percentage, WhatsApp can be displayed on a web page.
  • Business hours (PRO) – We can set online hours and display the WhatsApp icon during online hours. We can also add a separate WhatsApp number and Call to Action during Offline hours.

Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ and Scroll down to ’Display settings’.

By default, the styles appear Globally on all the pages for Desktop and Mobile devices.

WhatsApp is visible on all the pages for desktop and mobile devices 

We can override the Global Settings at “Override the Global settings”.

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