Display based on Country

PRO Feature To display the chat widget only when the website is visited from selected countries. Navigate to the ‘Click to Chat‘ settings page. In the ‘Display Settings’ section, under ‘Display based on country’ settings. To display the chat widget in all countries, select the “All Countries” option. To display the chat feature only in […]

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Admin Live Preview for WhatsApp Button

Introducing Admin Live Preview, a powerful new feature that lets you preview your Click to Chat widget changes instantly, right within your admin settings. No more saving and refreshing to see how your adjustments look. Here’s how it works: Start customizing your widget’s features, including: Explore additional styling options on the ‘Click to Chat‘ -> ‘Customize‘

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Notification Badge

Enable the Notification Badge to grab the user’s attention. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ‘Other Settings’ – Notification Badge check “Add Notification Badge” to enable it. Notification Count: Number to display at the notification badge. Badge Background Color: Color of the notification badge. Text Color: Color of the number, text inside the notification badge.

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Custom URL

When a user clicks the WhatsApp button, it navigates to the link added at the custom URL. For Desktop and Mobile Devices, we can add separate Custom URLs. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ – scroll down to URL Structure. This feature is available in PRO Version Custom URL for Desktop: When the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon

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greetings initial stage

Open: Greetings dialog appears by default. Whenever a user closes the greetings dialog on any page in the website, the greetings dialog automatically gets hidden on all the pages of the website. Greetings re-appear only after the user clicks on WhatsApp.Here, User Action is the key. If a user closes the greeting dialog, then it is

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Webhook Data Format

By default, the plugin sends the webhooks data in the String (stringify the JSON object) format. If the integration application requires to exchange the data in JSON format, in such cases, select the webhook data format as “JSON”. https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_json_stringify.asp Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ’Other Settings’- Advanced Settings – Webhook data format Webhooks are

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Chat Load Hook

If the WhatsApp icon is not displaying as expected, it might be a conflict issue with other plugins or themes. In those cases, changing the chat loading hook might resolve the conflicts. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ’Other Settings’ – ‘Debug, Troubleshoot’ – ‘chat load hook’. By default, the Chat load hook is set

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we can use symbols by copying their corresponding code and adding the code to the Text editor or we can directly copy the image and paste it into the text editor. Here are a few mostly used symbols and their HTML code. Symbols HTML Code 🟢 Large green circle 🟢 🔴 Large red circle 🔴

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