New Interface

Why did we come up with an update?

To make it easy

Customize your plugin like never before
(Please re-configure the plugin after switching to a new interface)

Return Type:

  • Earlier, had to choose between Chat or Group Chat. Now, we can choose all three options instead of one! Chat, Group Chat and Share!!
  • Exclusive settings for Chat, Group, and Share

Styles: Styles and their order are changed

Shortcodes: Instead of a customizable shortcode name – a fixed shortcode is created – [ht-ctc-chat]

Show/Hide: Now it’s much easy and more advanced

Position to Place: now its easy to understand and simple

Renames: The new interface has new names in the settings to exactly suit their functionalities.

Text to Display→ Call to Action
App First → URL Structure
Initial Message → Pre-filled Text

Detect Device: plugin detects the device at the browser side using screen size to avoid cache issues. i.e. if cache plugin not detected the devices

Analtyics: Enhanced

New Features: some of the new features in the new interface

  • Page-level settings
  • Custom Element
  • Greetings Dialog

Hope you enjoy the ease of usage of the new interface.

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