Shortcodes Group

Group feature Basic shortcode:


By default, shortcodes use the values that added at plugin settings, we can change the default values using shortcode attributes.


Group ID: To change the Group ID use group_id attribute

[ht-ctc-group group_id=Ica32m8Po7hBhuIDBbsL92]

call_to_action: To change the Call To Action use call_to_action attribute

[ht-ctc-group call_to_action="Chat with Us"] 

style: To Change Style use “style” Attribute

[ht-ctc-group style=1]

Position: To change the position use attribute position=fixed and choose the values(top,right,bottom,left) with the appropriate CSS values

[ht-ctc-group style=2 position=fixed top=50px right=40px]

[ht-ctc-group style=5 position=fixed top=40% left=30%]

[ht-ctc-group style=1 position=fixed bottom=20% right=70px]

[ht-ctc-group style=6 position=fixed botttom=10px left=60px]

Hide based on the device: To hide styles/icon based on the device use

To hide on mobile:

[ht-ctc-group hide_mobile=yes]

To hide on desktop:

[ht-ctc-group hide_desktop=yes]

Call to Action for Shortcodes in Style-2, 3, 7 on hover will display as a title attribute.