Facebook Analytics helps us to know how people interact with your website by creating events.

Creates an event in Facebook analytics when the user clicks on the WhatsApp button/image

This feature is deprecated since version 2.4

In favor of Facebook Pixel since v2.8

The plugin does not install Facebook Analytics – Before Enable this feature makes sure to install Facebook analytics on your website using Facebook SDK for JavaScript

The plugin creates an event with pre-defined values:

Event Name -> Click to Chat for WhatsApp
Parameter 1 -> Name: Category, Value: Click to Chat for WhatsApp
Parameter 2 -> Name: Action, Value: Return Type: Chat
Parameter 3 -> Name: label, Value: {{post-title}} {{url}}

{{post-title}}, {{url}} are placeholders, will be replaced with the current post title, page URL where the action took place.

In the Parameter 2 Action value will change based on the Return type.

For Chat:- Return Type: Chat
For Group:- Return Type: Group
For Share:- Return Type: Share