Google Ads Conversion for Click to Chat plugin

When the user clicks on WhatsApp Icon/Button, the plugin calls gtag_report_conversion function i.e. the Google Ads Conversion function. Enable Google Ads Conversion Check “Google Ads Conversation” from plugin settings ( Click to Chat -> other settings – Analytics ) Note: Please set up Google ads, Conversation code. Plugin won’t install Google Ads, It just calls …

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Facebook Analytics helps us to know how people interact with your website by creating events. Creates an event in Facebook analytics when the user clicks on the WhatsApp button/image This feature is deprecated since version 2.4 In favor of Facebook Pixel since v2.8 The plugin does not install Facebook Analytics – Before Enable this feature …

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When the user clicks on the WhatsApp icon/button it creates an event at Google Analytics with some predefined values. Plugin won’t install Google Analytics on its own. Events Details: If Google Analytics 4 is installed Google Analytics 4, which comes with custom event parameters, there is no need to use the predefined parameters like in …

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