Add WhatsApp at Widget Area – Sidebar, Footer

Using Click to Chat plugin Shortcodes, we can add WhatsApp Icon/Image at Widget area.  From WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets   Add Custom HTML in any widget area and add the short code in the content field and save the content.  Add this short code added ‘custom HTML’ widget in any widget area.   If it is at the right sidebar widget area   Visit the post where the right sidebar widgets is exists  Chat Shortcodes

Custom Element – Add Your Own Design

Create an Element/Desing and add “ctc_chat” as class/Id name or add “#ctc_chat” as href/link attribute.   It will navigate to WhatsApp based on plugin settings (WhatsApp Number, Pre-Filled message,).  Class name:  ctc_chat  To navigate WhatsApp Number, add class or id name “ctc_chat” to any Element/Design.  How to add class name to any element from WordPress default Editor:   Select the block – at right sidebar ‘Block’ -> ‘Advanced option’ section – ‘Additional CSS class(es)’ add “ctc_chat” Class name  Href attribute/Link:  #ctc_chat  …

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AMP Compatibility

Click to Chat is Compatibility with AMP Plugin.  AMP won’t load plugins JavaScript files, so there is limited functionality available.  ‘Click to Chat’ -> ‘Other settings’ -> “Debug” section -> “AMP Compatibility”  By default, this “AMP Compatibility” option is enabled. As this feature new, we added an option to disable AMP compatibility. (this option will display only if amp plugin is installed)  For improvements, Suggestion please …

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Style-3 Extend

A simple WhatsApp Icon with padding. For this style, the Image size and padding are customizable and the text color and the back ground color can be customized, adjust the size and choose the display of call to action on hover to grab the web visitor’s attention.

Style-7 Extend

Icon with Padding and call to action For this style Icon size, color and border color are customizable. Adjust the border padding to get the Circle/Square border.


Animation helps user attention(seeker) to chat.   By default, no Animations are added.  Set the animations from ‘Click to Chat’ -> ‘Other settings’ -> ‘Animations’  Currently, bounce, flash, pulse, heartbeat, and flip animations are available.  Animation Delay: After displays the button/icon, set time delay to run the animations.   Animation Iteration: Set animation to repeat the times.    Show Effects  How to display the styles for …

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Customize Styles

There are 8 predefined styles and add own image style. Every style in Click To Chat Plugin is customizable (except style-1 – this style looks like the default theme button) Click to Chat -> Customize Styles Images : Style-2, Style-3, Style-99 we can customize the Image size. Style-7: The icon is toatally customozable, by adjusting …

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Clear Cache

If the changes we make on the settings page or posts are not reflected, it might be due to the cache, which has not regenerated the files to match the updated settings. Try to clear the Cache from: Clear Cache from Cache plugins. Clear Cache from Server, CDN. Clear Browser Cache. If the issue remained …

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