Version 3.3

Custom Element

Description: Create a post of own Element/Desing and add “ctc_chat” class name or add “#ctc_chat” as href/link attribute.   

It will navigate to WhatsApp Web based on plugin settings (WhatsApp Number, Pre-Filled message).  

We can add by using the href attribute while using the href attribute add “#ctc_chat” in an element/image. Then it navigates to WhatsApp Web.  

Class/ID name: “ctc_chat”  

To navigate WhatsApp Number, add class or id name “ctc_chat” to any Element/Design. 

CSS class name

href/link attribute: “#ctc_chat”  

Add href/link attribute, while using href attribute add “#ctc_chat” in an Element/Image. Then it navigates to WhatsApp Web. 

Using href/link attribute

Custom Element