Hide only on selected pages

To Hide styles on Selected pages. 

Display Settings -> at ‘Global’ select -> ‘Show on all pages’ to show on all pages. 

Now select the pages where to hide the styles at override settings. 

Hides on CateHides on Category, Archive type pages gory, Archive type pages

To Hide on Selected pages

Add the post id section (hide on this posts), Add the post id’s to display the styles. 

At ‘Display Settings’ – ‘Global’ select ‘Show on all pages’  

And at override settings – at post id’s sections, add post ids of the posts to hide. 

Add multiple id’s by separating with a comma (,) 

Hide on postsHide on posts where post id’s are 1, 10  where post_id’s are 1, 10

Hide on the Home page:

To hide only on Home page 

‘Global settings’ select ‘Show on all pages’ 


At override settings – ‘Home Page’ – select ‘hide’ 

Hide onHide on the Home page  the Home page

Hide based on Category

Add the category name section (hide on this category posts), Add the category names to hide the styles. 

‘Display Settings’ – ‘Global’ – ‘Show on all pages’ – ‘Add category names’ 

Add multiple category names by separating with a comma (,) 

Hides on pages where Hides on pages where category name is docs, blog category name is docs, blog

Hide on the Cart, Checkout page

Checkout, Cart pages have post_id, add that post id at “Id’s list to hide” settings.

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