Show/Hide on Mobile/Desktop

Show on Mobile, Dekstop

To display the icon on both Mobile and Desktop devices

At Display Settings

Select the ‘Show’ options for both Desktop and Mobile. 

Display on both Desktop and Mobile devices

Show only on Mobile ( Hide on Desktop )

To display on mobile: At ‘Display Settings’ -> select Show option in Mobile’ to display the styles on Mobile. 


To hide on Desktop: At ‘Display Settings’ -> select ‘Hide’ option in Desktop’ to hide the styles on Desktop. 

Display on MobileDisplay only on Mobile 

Hide on Mobile ( Show only on Desktop )

To display only on Desktop: At ‘Display Settings’ -> select ‘Show’ option in Desktop’ to display the styles on Desktop 


To hide on Mobile: At ‘Display Settings ‘-> select ‘Hide’ option in Mobile’ to hide the styles on Mobile 

Display on DesktopDisplay on Desktop 

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