Show only on selected pages

To show styles only on selected pages. 

Display Settings -> at ‘Global’ select ‘Hide on all pages’ to hide on all pages. 

Now select the pages where to display the styles at override settings. 

To Show only on a single/Selected pages

Add the post id section (show on this posts), and Add the post id’s to display the styles. 

At ‘Display Settings’ – ‘Global’ select ‘Hide on all pages’  

And at override settings – at post id’s sections, add post ids of the posts to display. 

Add multiple id’s by separating with a comma (,) 

Here the icon will be displayed for the post id’s 1 and 20 

Show only on post type:

To show only on Posts (post type:  Post), 

At ‘Global settings’ – select – ‘Hide on all pages’ 


At override settings – posts – select ‘show’ 

Only on posts 

To show on all pages (post type: pages) at ‘pages’ select ‘show’ 

To show only on the Home page:

To show only on the Home page 

‘Global settings’ select ‘Hide on all pages’ 


At override settings – ‘Home Page’ – select ‘show’ 

Only on Home Page 

Show based on Category:

Add the category name section (show on this category posts), Add the category names to display the styles. 

‘Display Settings’ – ‘Global’ – ‘Hide on all pages’ – ‘Add category names’ 

Add multiple category names by separating them with a comma (,) 

Add category name 

Show on the Checkout, and cart pages:

Checkout, Cart pages have post_id, add that post id at “Id’s list to show” settings.

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