Click to Chat

URL Structure

URL structure: This specifies the format of opening WhatsApp on desktop and mobile devices. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ and Scroll down to URL Structure. Open links in: [For Desktop devices] New Tab When a user clicks on the WhatsApp button, the WhatsApp chat link page gets opened on a new tab on a desktop …

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Make the website users opt-in/accept consent before initiating the WhatsApp chat. Opt-in is used for all the Greetings templates. In all of the Greetings templates, we can use opt-in.  Navigate to Click to Chat —> Greetings — Additional settings. Select opt-in, and enter the text that users need to accept before initiating the WhatsApp chat …

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For any feature suggestions, please contact us These features are there on our to-do list. but please understand that there is no guarantee on the timeline. Click to Chat Front end demo View More Animations Open Greetings based by clicking on any element by adding a class name (done – Greetings Actions ) PRO: Next …

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Deleting Plugin Settings when uninstalling the Plugin

Click to Chat facilitates the users to delete the plugin settings while uninstalling/deleting the plugin. This is achieved by checking the option “Delete this plugin settings when uninstalls”. Whenever we re-install the plugin, previously assigned values to the plugin will be deleted if we check this option. If this option is unchecked, whenever we uninstall …

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Logged in Users

This pro feature is extended to: Display based on Website visitor login status (Since version 1.3) Display only if the website visitor is a logged-in User. If the ‘Logged in Users only’ option is checked, the WhatsApp icon/button will display only if the website visitor is a logged-in user.

Select Styles

We can select different styles for Mobile, and Desktop devices. Style for Desktop: Style for Mobile: Different styles: not displaying as expected? If Styles for desktop, and mobile are not selected as expected, it might be due to a cache issue. Some of the cache(cache plugin, servers side cache) creates only one static file per …

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