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Admin Live Preview for WhatsApp Button

Introducing Admin Live Preview, a powerful new feature that lets you preview your Click to Chat widget changes instantly, right within your admin settings. No more saving and refreshing to see how your adjustments look. Here’s how it works: Start customizing your widget’s features, including: Explore additional styling options on the ‘Click to Chat‘ -> ‘Customize‘

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URL Structure

URL structure: This specifies the format of opening WhatsApp on desktop and mobile devices. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ and Scroll down to URL Structure. Open links in: [For Desktop devices] New Tab When a user clicks on the WhatsApp button, the WhatsApp chat link page gets opened on a new tab on a desktop

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Make the website users opt-in/accept consent before initiating the WhatsApp chat. Opt-in is used for all the Greetings templates. In all of the Greetings templates, we can use opt-in.  Navigate to Click to Chat —> Greetings — Additional settings. Select opt-in, and enter the text that users need to accept before initiating the WhatsApp chat

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For any feature suggestions, please contact us These features are there on our to-do list. but please understand that there is no guarantee on the timeline. Click to Chat Front end demo View More Animations Open Greetings based by clicking on any element by adding a class name (done – Greetings Actions ) PRO: Next

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Deleting Plugin Settings when uninstalling the Plugin

Click to Chat facilitates the users to delete the plugin settings while uninstalling/deleting the plugin. This is achieved by checking the option “Delete this plugin settings when uninstalls”. Whenever we re-install the plugin, previously assigned values to the plugin will be deleted if we check this option. If this option is unchecked, whenever we uninstall

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Logged in Users

This pro feature is extended to: Display based on Website visitor login status (Since version 1.3) Display only if the website visitor is a logged-in User. If the ‘Logged in Users only’ option is checked, the WhatsApp icon/button will display only if the website visitor is a logged-in user.

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