Notification Badge

Enable the Notification Badge to grab the user’s attention. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ‘Other Settings’ – Notification Badge check “Add Notification Badge” to enable it. Notification Count: Number to display at the notification badge. Badge Background Color: Color of the notification badge. Text Color: Color of the number, text inside the notification badge. […]

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Style-3 Extend

A simple WhatsApp Icon with padding. For this style, the Image size and padding are customizable, and the text color and the background color can be customized. Adjust the size and choose the display of call to action on hover to grab the web visitor’s attention.

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Select Styles

We can select different styles for Mobile, and Desktop devices. Style for Desktop: Style for Mobile: Different styles: not displaying as expected? If Styles for desktop, and mobile are not selected as expected, it might be due to a cache issue. Some of the cache(cache plugin, servers side cache) creates only one static file per

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List of Styles

All the styles are customizable Style-1: Appears as a Theme Button along with a Call To Action. Style-2: A simple Whatsapp icon with a Call to Action stick. Style-3: A typical WhatsApp icon along with a Call to Action. Style-3 Extends: Whatsapp icon with padding and shadow. Style-4: Text+image/icon in a cylindrical bar(Chip style). A

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Icon with Padding For this style Icon size, color, and background color are customizable. Adjust the Border radius to get a Circle/Square border. To make the circular border, choose the Border radius as 50% For square borders, border radius: 0px ( for the rounded corners: 10px/20px)

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Shortcode Attributes ( Specific to Style-5 ) “s5_image_position“=(left/right): To change the position of the image By default, the image position would be Left for shortcodes, and the text will scroll towards the right of the image. “s5_img_url“=(URL of the image u want to display): To change the image call_to_action=(Text to display in the first line): To

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