For any feature suggestions, please contact us These features are there on our to-do list. but please understand that there is no guarantee on the timeline. Click to Chat Front end demo View More Animations Open Greetings based by clicking on any element by adding a class name (done – Greetings Actions ) PRO: Next […]

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New feature: since v3.9 Greetings eases the process of customer interaction. This feature serves multi-purposes like showcasing a concise message with the WhatsApp button, which briefs its purpose to a website visitor. Currently ‘Click to Chat’ plugin has 2 greetings templates and ‘Click to Chat PRO’ adds Greetings Form template. Greetings settings are available at

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Greetings- Form

PRO Feature Get the required data from the website visitor before initiating the chat. The Form data filled by the user: Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ‘Greetings’ and select ‘Greetings Dialog- Form’. Greetings dialog has 3 rich text editor blocks to construct the text with its toolbar widgets. Variables like {site},{title}, and {url} can

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Apply Business Hours settings at WooCommerce

By default, business hours settings are applicable only to the floating chat icon/button. To apply business hours settings for the WhatsApp icon/button added at a WooCommerce single product page and shop page, enable this option. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ –> ‘WooCommerce‘ and enable ‘Apply Business hours settings‘ Note: WooCommerce settings page displays only if

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Call gtag_report_conversion function

Free Version : The plugin calls gtag_report_conversion function i.e. the Google Ads Conversion function.PRO Version : Creates Google Ads Conversion event, based on the given conversion id, conversion label. Enable Google Ads ConversionNavigate to Click to Chat -> other settings – Analytics. Check/tick “Google Ads Conversion”. Free Version: This feature requires adding JavaScript code on your

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Hide When Offline

To hide the WhatsApp icon/button when offline(non-business hours), check this option. This feature is available in the PRO version. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ‘Business hours – Offline/Online’ Example: Let us make the WhatsApp icon/button available only for business hours 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Step 1: Navigate to Click to Chat —> Business

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