Google Ads Conversion for Click to Chat plugin

When the user clicks on WhatsApp Icon/Button, the plugin calls gtag_report_conversion function i.e. the Google Ads Conversion function. Enable Google Ads Conversion Check “Google Ads Conversation” from plugin settings ( Click to Chat -> other settings – Analytics ) Note: Please set up Google ads, Conversation code. Plugin won’t install Google Ads, It just calls …

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Animation helps user attention(seeker) to chat.   By default, no Animations are added.  Set the animations from ‘Click to Chat’ -> ‘Other settings’ -> ‘Animations’  Currently, bounce, flash, pulse, heartbeat, and flip animations are available.  Animation Delay: After displays the button/icon, set time delay to run the animations.   Animation Iteration: Set animation to repeat the times.    Show Effects  How to display the styles for …

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Select Styles

We can select different styles for mobile, desktop. for mobile: for desktop: Not selecting different styles as expected If Styles for desktop, mobile not selected as expected, it might be due to a cache issue. the cache(cache plugin, servers side cache) creates only one static file per page and the same page loading for desktop, …

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By default in the click to chat admin page the Java script files are loaded at the footer. If u want to load these Javascript files at the header.Add these filter at function.php. These hook returns the function ‘ht_ctc_fh_load_app_js_bottom’ as false.

Facebook Pixel

Creates an Event at Facebook Pixel if a user clicks on “Click to Chat” Icon/Images since v2.8 A custom Event will trigger with four values. Event name: Click to Chat by HoliThemes Category: Click to Chat return_type: Chat/group/Share ID: {WhatsApp-Number/Group_id/Share_text} Title: {post_title} URL: {post url} The plugin does not install the Facebook Pixel – Before Enable this feature makes …

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Customize Styles

There are 8 predefined styles and add own image style. Every style in Click To Chat Plugin is customizable (except style-1 – this style looks like the default theme button) Click to Chat -> Customize Styles Images : Style-2, Style-3, Style-99 we can customize the Image size. Style-7: The icon is toatally customozable, by adjusting …

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Clear Cache

If the changes we make on the settings page or posts are not reflected, it might be due to the cache, which has not regenerated the files to match the updated settings. Try to clear the Cache from: Clear Cache from Cache plugins. Clear Cache from Server, CDN. Clear Browser Cache. If the issue remained …

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