we can use symbols by copying their corresponding code and adding the code to the Text editor or we can directly copy the image and paste it into the text editor. Here are a few mostly used symbols and their HTML code. Symbols HTML Code 🟢 Large green circle 🟢 🔴 Large red circle 🔴 […]

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PRO Version – Multi Agent We can create Multiple Agents with different time ranges for every Agent. Navigate to Click to Chat—>Greetings select ‘Multi Agent‘. To add an agent, click Add Agent button and enter the agent details. WhatsApp Number: This number is assigned to the agent and is displayed at the front end of

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Make the website users opt-in/accept consent before initiating the WhatsApp chat. Opt-in is used for all the Greetings templates. In all of the Greetings templates, we can use opt-in.  Navigate to Click to Chat —> Greetings — Additional settings. Select opt-in, and enter the text that users need to accept before initiating the WhatsApp chat

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Greetings – Page level settings

PRO Feature To use different greetings templates for each page/post, enable page-level Greetings settings and update the post, and refresh the page. Edit any post —> Settings —> Click to Chat —> Greetings settings —> Enable page-level Greetings settings After enabling Greetings settings, the Greetings template and text editors appear. Greetings Template: Default: “Default” specifies,

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Greetings- Form

PRO Feature Get the required data from the website visitor before initiating the chat. The Form data filled by the user: Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ —> ‘Greetings’ and select ‘Greetings Dialog- Form’. Greetings dialog has 3 rich text editor blocks to construct the text with its toolbar widgets. Variables like {site},{title}, and {url} can

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Apply Business Hours settings at WooCommerce

By default, business hours settings are applicable only to the floating chat icon/button. To apply business hours settings for the WhatsApp icon/button added at a WooCommerce single product page and shop page, enable this option. Navigate to ‘Click to Chat’ –> ‘WooCommerce‘ and enable ‘Apply Business hours settings‘ Note: WooCommerce settings page displays only if

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