Share Feature

Share: Allow your customers to share your web pages or product pages across their WhatsApp Contacts. This promotes your products and services automatically and also creates a buzz in user engagement. Enable Share Feature To enable Share chat feature check/tick the enable share feature in Click to Chat–>other settings – Enable Share Feature With this …

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List of Styles

All the styles are customizable Style-1: Appears as a Theme Button along with a Call To Action. Style-2: A simple Whatsapp icon Style-3: Simple Style-3 Extends: A simple Whatsapp icon with padding Style-4: Text+image/icon in a cylindrical bar(Chip style) Image left: Image right: WhatsApp us Style-5: Image with Content box. Style-6: Plain text with a …

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Icon with Padding For this style Icon size, color and border color are customizable. Adjust the border padding to get the Circle/Square border. To make the circle border, choose border padding as 50% For square borders, border padding : 0px ( for the rounded corners: 10px/20px)


Image with content-box This style is totally customizable, from the text and content block colors to we can adjust the image and Content box height and width. To customize this style to your choice, Go to-> Click To Chat -> Customize styles


Shortcode Attributes ( Specific to Style-5 ) “s5_image_position“=(left/right): To change the position of the image By default, the image position would be Left for shortcodes, and the text will scroll towards the right of the image. “s5_img_url“=(URL of the image u want to display): To change the image call_to_action=(Text to display in the first line): To …

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Shortcode Attributes ( Specific to Style-8 ) “s8_width” :To change the width of the style “s8_icon_position“= (left/right/hide) : To change or hide the icon position Example: WhatsApp us


An image of your choice, animated image or a GIF can be displayed. We can customize the image sizes for both desktop and mobile devices and the Call To Action can be displayed on the desktop when the image got hovered. How to upload an image on a WordPress site and get its URL?


An underlined text with a link will be displayed. Text color and line appearance can be customized. This style has a customization option, we can change the Text Color, text hover color and set the underline/overline to grab the attention. To Customize style-6 Go To -> Click To Chat-> Customize styles


The Materialized button display will be a rectangular bar with a text message and Image. Style-8 Customization Full Width Button on Mobile: To display exactly at the bottom of the page