Select Styles

We can select different styles for mobile, desktop. Style for Desktop: Style for Mobile: Not selecting different styles as expected If Styles for desktop, mobile not selected as expected, it might be due to a cache issue. Some of the cache(cache plugin, servers side cache) creates only one static file per page and the same …

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Share Feature

Share: Allow your customers to share your web pages or product pages across their WhatsApp Contacts. This promotes your products and services automatically and also creates a buzz in user engagement. Enable Share Feature To enable Share chat feature check/tick the enable share feature in Click to Chat–>other settings – Enable Share Feature With this …

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List of Styles

All the styles are customizable Style-1: Appears as a Theme Button along with a Call To Action. Style-2: A simple Whatsapp icon Style-3: Simple Style-3 Extends: A simple Whatsapp icon with padding Style-4: Text+image/icon in a cylindrical bar(Chip style) Image left: Image right: WhatsApp us Style-5: Image with Content box. Style-6: Plain text with a …

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Change values at Page Level

Page-level settings will overwrite the plugin’s default settings. While editing the post, Page Level Settings will be displayed at the right sidebar. Settings icon -> post -> Click to Chat (Meta Boxes).  By default, the plugin gets the data from global settings (At WordPress Dashboard -> Click to Chat)  At the page level, we can overwrite these settings   Chat WhatsApp Number Call to Action …

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Icon with Padding For this style Icon size, color, and background color are customizable. Adjust the Border radius to get a Circle/Square border. To make the circular border, choose the Border radius as 50% For square borders, border radius: 0px ( for the rounded corners: 10px/20px)


Image with content-box This style is totally customizable, from the text and content block colors to we can adjust the image and content-box height and width. To customize this style to your choice, Go to-> Click To Chat -> Customize styles

Web WhatsApp

Since v3.12 the Web WhatsApp Feature is moved to URL Structure Click to Chat –> Other Settings–> ‘URL Structure’ and select Web WhatsApp in ‘Desktop: URL structure’. If the Desktop: URL structure is selected as “Web WhatsApp” Dekstop: Navigates directly to “web.whatsapp.com” ( user can chat from the browser) If wa.me is selected: Desktop: For the Desktop …

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Enable/Disable Chat

By default, the Chat option is enabled and we can set up the chat settings in the main settings page “Click To Chat”. To Hide Chat Feature: If dont like to display the chat option – from chat setting, at Display Settings – Global – select “Hide on all pages”

New Interface

Why did we come up with an update? To make it easy Customize your plugin like never before (Please re-configure the plugin after switching to a new interface) Return Type: Styles: Styles and their order are changed Shortcodes: Instead of a customizable shortcode name – a fixed shortcode is created – Show/Hide: Now it’s much …

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